Rocky’s Horror

Rocky’s Horror


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This stunning “Rocky’s Horror” Limited Edition Print is special because each of these is printed in de Shan’s studio on fine art paper with the highest quality inks, and each of them is then hand-signed and numbered by de Shan. The print runs are small, meaning they will run out and you will have purchased an original print.

  • Glitter on the costumes of Magenta, Columbia, Rocky, Janet and Frank N. Furter.
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint can be found on Frank’s pearl necklace and in print over the background it says, “It’s Just a Jump to the Left…” How cool!!!

*This listing is for a Pre-Order which means that your order will be fulfilled in approximately 2 weeks when we have completed all the hand-embellishments.

These lovely Limited Editions are quite special and need to be explained more thoroughly.

Concept and Drawing: When you read up on your favourite character portrait in its description box on my website, you will have read that each one of my illustrations is created by request from my loyal customers and social media followers. Each is drawn freehand which means that they are made from the cross-hatching and intricate plan work of fine felt tip and ballpoint pens.  This involves hundreds and thousands of lines which take countless hours. This process is known as pen and ink crosshatching and is a very intricate and painstakingly time-consuming process. de Shan’s discipline, concentration and attention to detail gives each piece a life of its own.

Colouring: Once finished each drawing is then scanned and the favourite drawings are put in the line to be coloured digitally for printing. During the colouring process, de Shan creates layers and layers of colour applied using the mouse as a paintbrush, which gives a more freehand look and vibrancy of colour.

Hand-embellishing: At that point, each character goes on to have its own print made, but these Limited Editions are special. de Shan spends a few more hours creating a collaged group of characters, arranging and creating an interesting background and then printing them on a 300gsm fine art paper with fade-proof inks. She then adds the embellishments individually such as glitter, and glow-in-the-dark paint*. They are now original prints, which are all signed and numbered in a limited run of 50-100.

* To activate the glow, simply shine a bright light on the illustration for a few minutes prior to turning out the lights. Watch in amazement as the areas glow subtly for an hour. Repeat each time you wish to see the glow, or maybe your illustration sits in a bright sunny area and will glow at night on its own. Glow-in-the-dark lasts about a year and can be re-applied.

We are happy to frame your piece for you for an additional cost, which we can discuss via email. Framed artwork also requires special packaging, so please expect higher charges.

We hope you enjoy your art purchase and we are always available for any inquiries about different sizes or perhaps a canvas print or wall decal. Please feel free to contact us at

*Please note, the watermark is not on the actual print.

Copyright Notice:
Copyright © de Shan
All Rights Reserved
Permission must be granted to copy all or part of the artwork. This artwork may not be sold, duplicated on other websites, incorporated in commercial products, or used for promotional purposes in any manner without my express written permission.

Weight .660 kg
Dimensions 45 × 55 × 1 cm

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