Meet De Shan

Much of your ``Muchness`` is in here.... it's more ``Muchier`` than before...

It all started when I decided I wished I had a tail…

I am one of those artists who requires noisy trains and buses and lots of birds squawking and some fantastic music playing really loudly in order to create. Oh good grief I work in chaos! I paint with distractions full on!

Since I have a masters degree in Fine Art and a half a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics, I find that I experiment with dozens of ways to say what I want to say, and to describe my art style would best be summed up as ‘unrestrained pop-surreal’ I think. Yeah, that sounds great! I paint totally on instinct, usually with no master plan, so I have found that the more I distract my conscious mind, the better and the closer the deadline the better.

My studio always has at least two dozen projects in progress, in varying states of “done-ness”. I normally have to high-step (and even leap) over piles of creations to get to the easel… It’s my daily accidental work out

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