Handmade Virtual Market April 2020

Special Edition Art Print Face Mask

Handmade Virtual Market April 2020

FOR VIRTUAL HANDMADE VISITORS: Good morning from my studio on the Sunshine Coast to you in your home!

I’m happy you came to my website and I hope you find everything you need here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: deshan7@gmail.com

For your FREE SHIPPING (orders over $30) Australia-wide, please use code: HANDMADEVIRTUAL.

WHAT’S NEW: The Special Edition Art Print Face Masks, Gift Cards and the downloadable colouring books.

The facemasks came about obviously when Covid-19 hit and it became apparent that we all will need a mask at some point, and I happened to have a whole bunch of T-shirts with my designs on them that I was able to re-purpose. They sold out so fast my head was spinning! I’ve been lucky enough to have my print guy here in Noosa (who thankfully is still open…) print more for me so that I can get more of these useful masks out there. Please do read the blurb about them – they are not medical grade, but they will help remind you not to touch your face, and they will help protect you from “sprayers” (people who spray when they say…)

I now have 10 total colouring books that are a digital download and you get them instantly. You can print them out and colour immediately. Print out one for you and one for your kids – they are kid friendly and adults love them too!

The Gift Cards come in increments of $10 all the way up to $100, and can be spent on this website. They are also a digital download.

As a special Mother’s Day surprise, I am including a free pack of 5 Limited Edition Archived blank greeting cards when you purchase any Limited Edition Print. The cards will match the theme of your print. Also, for any print order, I will include a Limited Edition Archived blank greeting card for Mum (or just for you…)

Have a great day shopping, we are open with the discount from 9 am to 9 pm today only! (Wine will be served starting at 10 am <3)

Love from de Shan and the Foxy Crew… xoxo

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