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Artworks are all printed on top-quality 210gsm natural archival paper. The paper is acid free, fade resistant and has a satin finish.


Each one of de Shan’s illustrations are created by request, and they are freehand – singularly made from the crosshatching and intricate pen work of fine felt tip and ballpoint pens. This involves hundreds and thousands of lines which take countless hours. This process is known as pen and ink crosshatching and is a very intricate and painstakingly time-consuming process. De Shan’s discipline, concentration and attention to detail gives each piece a life of its own. Once finished, each drawing is then scanned and will eventually be coloured digitally for printing. (de Shan never prints originals in the pen and ink black and white stage, so if it is black and white, it is the original). When colouring, layers and layers of colour are applied using the mouse as a paintbrush, which gives a more free hand look and vibrancy of colour. All of our inks are fade proof.

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